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Focus Foundation 8: Coping with Change and Action Planning

What do think about a change? Does it scare you or thrill you? And how do you plan to deal with change you don't see coming?

Change is inevitable but why do we still find it incredibly difficult and unsettling. Some people love change and make changes in their lives often. Others dread change and agonise through it. But most of us are somewhere in the middle, enjoying a certain amount of change, but not too much.We'll look at both the emotional and practical impact of Change on our personal and work lives in this lively and interactive session

What we ask from you

As we are a funded project, we ask that when you sign up for our training sessions, you agree to complete 12 hours of training.

Eligibility criteria apply as this programme is only available to people who live in specific postcode areas. If you live outside our postcode areas we will aim to point you towards other programmes.

About the Programme:

Focus from the Outset provides tailored support to unemployed or inactive individuals who want to develop personal skills, build confidence, and be inspired to return to education or training, active job search, and employment (including self-employment)

Individuals work with a personal advisor to develop a bespoke plan of 1:1 coaching support and participation in small group sessions. Each individual can choose the sessions that are most appropriate for their needs.

Focus from the Outset is a Community Led Local Development project (funded by the European Regional Development Fund, European Social Fund and Outset Foundation)

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

10:00 am – 12 noon


Eligibility criteria apply

Please give us a call on 07731 015151 to find out more, or check your eligibility below.

If you are not eligible for this project, we will put you in touch with someone who can help.